The Ken Hom range of cookware offers a wide choice of woks made of different materials, all of which have been designed with excellent performance and durability in mind.

Carbon Steel is the most common material used for woks. Its great features are:

  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Durable

Carbon Steel woks can also be coated with non-stick coatings for added durability and long life.

  • Our standard range of carbon steel non-stick woks use TopBon coating, a dual non-stick coating designed especially to cope with the high temperatures experienced during stir-fry cooking. The woks’ bowls are manufactured from 1.2mm/1.4mm gauge carbon steel
  • Our Tao range of carbon steel non-stick woks use Xylan – a non-stick coating reinforced with unique particles that are virtually as hard as diamonds. This gives the woks outstanding abrasion and scratch resistance. The woks are manufactured from 1.6mm gauge carbon steel

Stainless Steel woks are manufactured from 0.6mm high-grade stainless steel with an impact bonded encapsulated aluminium base for superior heat conductivity. The products are finished with a multi-layered Quantanium non-stick coating formulated especially to withstand generated from wok cooking. Quantanium non-stick is metal tool safe and internally reinforced with titanium particles for superior abrasion and scratch resistance.