Non-Stick Carbon Steel Wok Sets

31cm non-stick 20 piece wok set

31cm non-stick 20 piece wok set
  • Set includes: 31cm non-stick carbon steel wok and lid, a stainless steel tempura rack, a slotted turner and ladle, a pair of cooking chopsticks, a wooden trivet, 4 pairs of eating chopsticks, 4 melamine bowls and spoons, and a use and care instructions leaflet
  • The complete kit for easy stir-fry cooking
  • 1.4mm carbon steel gauge, ensuring optimum heat transfer and longevity
  • Non-stick TopBon coating on the inside of the wok, designed to cope with the high temperatures experienced during stir-fry cooking
  • Flat bottom - the wok sits steadily on any stove top or hob
  • Suitable for all hob types except induction

KH630 - 31cm Non-stick 20 Piece Wok set